Candy cane bagels are now a thing, because of course they are

We’ll be honest, the colorful bagel trend kind of freaks us out. Color feels like it should denote sweetness, so it’s an expectation violation when you bite down on a bagel that looks like play-doh but tastes like a normal, everyday plain bagel, right? Something about it is a little off. So these candy cane bagels are not exactly what we’re craving right now.

That said, who doesn’t love holiday-themed things (hellooo, glittery mimosas), so these red, white, and green striped bagels are piquing my interest, sort of like the rainbow bagels that were super trendy earlier this year.

They’re made by Square Bar Cafe in San Diego, California, which is known for its inventive takes on bagel classics like a mouthwatering pizza bagel and this Lisa Frank-looking thing.

They also made a video explaining how they make them, which is super mesmerizing.

As Refinery29 notes, Square Bar Cafe is not the only bagel-maker to join in on the trend. Jackson, New Jersey’s Bagel Talk makes Christmas and Hanukkah-themed versions.

While we’re sure all of these bagels are delicious, we’re probably going stick to a greasy classic: a bacon, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel that the bodega SLAYS. You can be merry either way!