These hypnotizing candle carving videos are the most relaxing internet rabbit hole to fall into

It’s been a long weekend. Now, it’s time to take a minute to relax. And our new favorite method of relaxation is watching these hypnotizing candle carving videos. Thanks, internet. We love you too.

Watching these videos is a beautiful and peaceful way to spend a few minutes.

Consequently, you won’t be able to look away. It’s a delight, folks, really. Therefore, we’re totally obsessed.

The Science Channel show How It’s Made features some of these videos on its YouTube channel, as Mashable’s Laura Vitto noticed. However, there’s a whole YouTube treasure trove of candlemakers’ videos, too.

Settle in and watch a gorgeous piece of art emerge from a warm lump of wax.

Maybe you’re looking for something a little bit more upbeat to zone out to. This clip is perfect. Why? Because it has snazzy music and fun colors. Furthermore, it will hit the spot after a long weekend.

Ahhh… just sit back and enjoy.

Candlemaker and author Dana Marie Brooks explains the process in her book, Cut & Carve Candles: Beautiful Candles to Dip, Carve, Twist and Curl. First of all, she writes:

"At the base of every carved candle is a star-shaped wax pillar called a core candle. Between dunks in a bath of cool water, the candle is dipped in vats of clear or colored paraffin wax to create a decorated layered design."

Additionally, to get the fun designs, she continues:

"The candles are then hung from a hook and quickly carved with designs before the wax gets too cool. They're dipped in acrylic to seal the surface, and shipped off to enjoy a long life on someone's shelf."

Are you interested in learning how to carve candles yourself? There are many good resources for the burgeoning chandler. (That’s a person who makes candles, by the way.) Check out Brooks’ guide or all the others on Amazon. You could become a master candle-carver, too.

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