These candied bacon roses are the key to anyone’s heart on Valentine’s Day

The day that’s loved by many and loathed by others is just around the corner, and whether you plan to celebrate alone, with bae or a group of your closest friends, we’re sure you want to get creative, right? Well, these candied bacon roses we spotted at Delish make the perfect replacement for ordinary flowers, or if you need something fresh to take the place of last year’s pizza roses.

Maintaining control in the presence of bacon is truly a difficult feat — we almost went bonkers just writing about this bacon-wrapped breakfast burrito — but we’re highlighting these bacon flowers as a Valentine’s Day option because they’re worth the struggle. Expecting you to get through this without eating every slice of bacon in sight is probably asking a bit much from you, but let’s hold hands and get through this together.


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Per Delish‘s instructions, here’s what you’ll need: a dozen artificial roses, a baking rack, a baking shit, kitchen shears, toothpicks, brown sugar, black pepper and BACONNN!

First, take strips of bacon and roll ’em up with the meaty part facing outwards, then stick a toothpick into each roll to keep them wrapped tightly. Place the baking rack over the baking sheet, and place the bacon on top. Next comes the step we’ve been waiting for: Drizzle (or drench) black pepper and brown sugar ALL OVER the bacon.  Then bake the bacon flowers while weeping over the scent of this wondrous food-meets-flowery creation.

Through tears of joy, carefully trim the stems, take off the rose petals (the non-meaty ones) and the styrofoam, taking care to leave the little plastic piece in place (make sure to clean it!). Once you’ve allowed your bacon to cook and cool, wrap it around the plastic and you end up with this:

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OMG, we totally wanna take a bite of this bacon-y bouquet.

Um, so do we have to wait until Valentine’s Day to make these?