These candid SAG Awards photos of Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps perfectly capture their BFFship

In case you missed it, last night were the 2017 SAG Awards…meaning many of our favorite celebs were together in one room, celebrating the wonderful world of entertainment! And Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps SAG appearance was especially noteworthy, because these BFFs were almost too adorable for words.

Who could forget that these two know each other from their Dawson’s Creek days, and they’ve been giving us BFF goals for years. Even their daughters are close friends, which adds another layer of specialness.

So this was a big evening for Williams, as she was nominated for her role in Manchester by the Sea. The women looked incredibly supportive of one another, and were all-smiles, all night.


Can we just talk about their dresses for a minute? WHOA. Those are shiny! But not over the top. Just beautiful.


At a screening of Manchester by the Sea last month, Williams said the sweetest words about her bestie. “I’m here with my best friend. I’m so in love with her. She’s proof that the love of your life does not have to be a man!” They could not be any more adorable. We’re glad that she has such a good friend by her side through thick and thin.

Before the evening began, Philipps took a prom-style photo of herself all dressed up, and we’re loving this so much.

Naturally the besties had to take the obligatory selfie at the ceremony, and we’re glad they did!

Everyone needs this in their life. Go and hug your bestie!