So, Candace Cameron Bure’s daughter was on “The Voice” and was pretty amazing

Ready to feel old? Like, mega old? Well, DJ Tanner’s daughter appeared on The Voice last night and knocked it out of the park. (I mean, we can buy that Candace Cameron Bure has kids that are about the same age as her children on Fuller House, but — old enough to appear on The Voice? No way.)

Natasha Bure, age 18, wowed judges with a rendition of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley, and she definitely has a set of pipes on her. Also, in typical teenage fashion, she managed to (lovingly) throw her Mom under the bus a little bit.

"My mom doesn’t know too much about the music industry because she’s not musically gifted," Natasha said at one point. Sorry, Candace.

Here’s Natasha’s dreamy performance:

(Candace’s response when Adam buzzes in? Pretty incredible and genuine.)

Levine called her a self assured girl, but mentioned that she fell apart just a little bit when his chair turned around — and that was likely the only reason why other judges didn’t buzz in. We definitely think that now that she’s made it on the show, her confidence will totally improve.

Also pretty cool? In true fatherly fashion, Bob Saget and John Stamos recorded a message together to wish Natasha well during her performance. These are two pretty talented guys to have on your list of references, and surely Natasha felt special having her kinda-sorta “fictional grandfather figures” cheer her on! (Er — grandfather and grand-uncle? Hey, support is support, regardless of the title.)

We have a feeling that Natasha Bure is going to make it quite far on the show. We can’t wait to hear what she sings next!