Candace Cameron Bure proved she’s an incredible stage mom, even with her daughter off ‘The Voice’

So, first some bummer news — unfortunately, Natasha Bure got eliminated from The Voice. But while this teen shouldn’t feel bad about her vocals (I mean, she’s still incredibly talented) she should also thank her Mom, Candace Cameron Bure, for all the great support she gave during her run on the show.

Natasha was eliminated after a rough head-to-head with 16-year-old Riley Elmore, also on Team Adam. Both sang “Cry Me A River” together, and both did an incredible job.

(It’s not the Justin Timberlake version, by the way.)

But, it was Elmore who was chosen to advance out of the two. For Candace Cameron Bure, it’s all good. In fact, she thought that Natasha should focus on the positive parts of the performance.

"I was so proud," her mom said to her. "It was the best I heard you sing it, so you can walk out of here with your head held high."

(It’s like Danny Tanner wisdom!)

Even before the performance, Bure made sure to announce to the world how proud she was of her daughter. Here’s the two of them right before Natasha head on stage.

Natasha likely inherited some of her Mom’s positivity. Here’s what she had to say about the experience to FOX 411.

"The experience was pretty incredible, I mean I never thought I would do a show like The Voice," Natasha exclaimed. "I had a super open mind auditioning which was insane and then being able to work with Adam [Levine] was a crazy experience."

Meanwhile, now that the TV show pressure is off, Mom is back at home to promote Natasha’s budding career even further.

We love these two together, and truly hope they get more opportunities like this! And as for Natasha, we’re sure that this is just the very beginning of a very successful singing career.

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