Adorable 10-year-old cancer survivor has his wish granted to meet Jimmy Carter

It’s not every day you get to meet your namesake—especially when that namesake is a former president. But for one little boy from New York, that’s exactly what happened, and the story of how it went down is nothing short of amazing.

Carter Beckhard-Suozzi was only 10 when he was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma, a particularly aggressive form of cancer, and while he was being treated in the hospital over a five month period, he was invited to make a wish with the Make A Wish Foundation. After giving it some thought, Carter told his mom that he wished to meet the 39th U.S. president, Jimmy Carter.

There were several reasons why Carter felt compelled to meet the former president, and one was that (Jimmy) Carter also recently beat cancer after some extensive treatment. Another reason? The 10-year-old was named after Carter.

At the special meeting, the two Carters bonded over their struggles with cancer, and the former president told his young friend stories about working in the White House. “It was more me asking him and he had stories behind each question, which was really cool to hear because it’s not like you get to hear something like that every day,” (young) Carter said.

And they also got to share a hug and a took an epic selfie, because, of course!

Speaking about the younger Carter, the former president said “He is a fine young man, and we share much more than a name in common, especially our success in overcoming cancer. I know Carter will grow up to do great things.”

Before the former president left, Carter made sure to give his 91-year-old namesake a bracelet that read, “Carter Crushed Cancer with Power, Strength, and Love.”

Inspiring? We think yes.