Welcome to Cancer season — it’s time to cry

It’s officially summer and that means it’s time to dive into the watery depths of Cancer season. Now say hello to feeling emo for no reason, and crying at anything and everything, Not only is Cancer the sign of emotions, it’s also ruled by the Moon (aka the celestial body that rules over our feelings).

Hello, fluctuating feelings! Hello, tear-stained pillows! Hello, hearts cracked open and exploding with love! Even though we may be feeling all the feelings during this zodiac sign’s reign, we dare you to see that as a good thing.


After all, Cancers are the nurturers, the lovers, the luxurious friends who aren’t afraid to treat themselves and you. Yes, there may be a shell protecting the gooey mushy mess inside (Cancer is symbolized by the crab), but that gooey mushy mess is a blessing! It’s time to embrace our souls as we strip down and shimmy into the season — hearts first.

For inspiration, turn to the territory of the crab!

The sea is the queen of emotions. One minute she’s perfectly content, waves lapping ’cause she’s got chill for days…until she doesn’t and a storm brews, wind and waves slicing anyone unlucky enough to be stuck ashore. That’s just how the sea rolls! According to astrologer and founder of The Midheaven, Amelia Quint,

" The biggest thing here is that Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac, and like water, it needs the right container or else the emotions just spill out everywhere. For best results, give yourself plenty of space to feel whatever it is you need to feel, and don't be afraid to share where you're at emotionally!"

Cancer season asks us to tune into our emotions and ride the waves as they come, much like the sea in all her glory. That means wearing our favorite slinky silk dress that makes us feel like Venus, and spraying our hair with sea salt spray for extra sea nymph vibes. Cancer is all about ease and practicality, so whip out your favorite easy breezy pieces to hone in on its energy.


Cancers are compassionate, nurturing, and love to love. Embrace this, dear moon children! Buy yourself flowers, take yourself for a facial or massage, or simply buy some epsom salt from the drugstore and take a long, relaxing bath. Luxury and feeling like a goddess are keys to getting through the season unscathed. And when you find yourself crying on a Tuesday afternoon because that little boy had suspenders on and, like, HE WAS SO SMOL AND ADORABLE, also embrace it!

If you or your loved ones are Cancers, there are also a few things to keep in mind.


Amelia adds, “Cancer people are so open-hearted and generous, which makes them great hosts. Still, they can be hard to get to know because they keep their emotions within a tightly guarded shell. That’s because, as a water sign, they feel things so deeply and are secretly afraid of getting hurt. That’s one reason why they take such good care of other people — they want them to feel loved in the way they want to be loved back. Overall, show your Cancer friends and family you appreciate them!”

Cancer season cracks our hearts open like a geode, revealing crystalline structures that allow us to feel and experience emotions at a deep, deep level. If you’re not used to the intensity that you’re feeling this month, breathe into it. Write it down. Speak to someone. Your feelings are valid! Remember that as the moon and ocean cycle, so do we. Cancer is that strong feminine energy that gets you up in your feels, so prepare to have your heart cracked wide open. May as well accept it and get ready; it’s sure to be a ride.


This season is all about emotional connection, so spend time with your family and loved ones.

It’s like nesting season, except it’s really warm outside! The reason of the season is nourishing everything, so gather up your favorite folks and have a dinner party. Try your hand at cooking, making something nutritious and delicious for all to enjoy. Yes, you’ll probably cry, but won’t that make the meal at the end of the rainbow even better? Amelia adds,

"Cancer rules hospitality, so it makes sense that this is the time of year that people go on vacation and get together for barbecues. It's a sign that loves to bond, so anything that helps deepen friendship is a go, like throwing a party of just spending quality time with the people you love most."

So this Cancer season, keep your tissues nearby and remember to stay hydrated. Go to the pool, take lots of salt baths, and write down your dreams in a dream journal (since Cancer also rules over the subconscious). Enjoy the season and remember to ride the wave — so you can live up Cancer season to its fullest.

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