These four zodiac signs are going to have a tough time during Cancer season, but it’s all for the greater good

Cancer season begins on June 22nd and promises to be quite the busy month. We already have Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, and Jupiter retrograde, and this will be quickly followed by Mercury, which is retrograding from Leo to Cancer starting July 4th. That’s a lot of retrograde energy!

Cancer season, otherwise called the other cuffing season, is a time of gentleness and romance. It’s summer, birds are chirping, and what do we want? No, it’s not pizza; it’s love.

During Cancer season, as we collectively slow down and become a bit softer than we are during the rest of the year, we long for comfort and safety. Romantic walks, candlelit dinners, cuddles on the beach—that is Cancer season.

This particular Cancer season is a bit different than usual, though, due to the presence of the north node, Mars, and Mercury. The north node and Mars announce the approach of difficult fights that are meant to help the collective shift its values, and its leaders. They also signal a focus on activism and women’s rights—meaning this Cancer season won’t be about candlelit dinners so much as burning revolution.

Cancer is all about receptivity, intuition, empathy, loving, and being loved up. It’s a sign that’s utterly feminine and gentle, seeking protection and nurturance. Usually during Cancer season, we’re all much more attuned to the feminine principle and more inclined to seek love and affection. But this year, things are a little bit different, and instead of experiencing the gentle and supportive aspect of Cancer, we’re experiencing its defensive, fearless side.

Cancer is a sign of protection and defense, but you need to picture this sign as the Mama Bear, willing to shred you to pieces if you take one too many steps toward her cub. This Cancer season has us all embodying this Mama Bear fierce energy, and the sensitivity in the air is going to push us to see attacks everywhere and act as if we’re at war (and we might be).

It’s all about fighting for yourself, for your loved ones, for love, and for women now. This Cancer season is also about fighting to embrace more feminine values and female empowerment.

The signs that will benefit the most from this season will be Taurus and Virgo; they will receive positive and uplifting energies. The signs that will be most impacted by this Cancer season are Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, and Libra—they will feel a strong surge of energy, but might find this season a little turbulent.

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