There’s a Cancer New Moon tonight — but what does that even mean?

Fireworks won’t be the only magic appearing in the sky tonight. That’s because the sole Cancer New Moon of 2016 will be arriving once the sun sets on July 4th. Now, let’s discuss what that means for us mere mortals here on Earth.

Considering that today is Independence Day, it only makes sense that this new moon would encourage us to explore our personal freedom. During this time, you may want to playfully wander the world on your own or plan a solo trip. Now is ultimately the perfect occasion to focus on your inner self as you aim to heal old wounds and lead yourself toward a more positive, forgiving future.


The Cancer New Moon can also serve as the ideal time to start something new. If there’s a certain class you’ve always wanted to sign up for, let this new moon guide you to do so. Trying something new at this time may even help you deal with any worries or fears that are currently weighing you down.

However, as you begin to start new projects and discover new things about yourself, it’s important to remember that not everything is going to go according to plan. That’s because this moon aims to challenge you, to help you learn and grow. If you go after something new this month and end up making a mistake or taking a few steps backward, that’s okay. These experiences will only help to make you stronger as you gain confidence in unexplored areas of your life.


Overall, while this moon may represent a fresh start, it’s important to remember that there’s always going to be both good and bad in our lives. Yet, rather than letting the latter get the best of us, we must focus on the good as we work to be the best we can be.

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