How Cancers Romantically Connect With Other Zodiac Signs, According to an Astrologer

Warning: Watch out for overly emotional signs.

Cancers are notoriously one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac. So, in terms of love and romance, the crab is very protective of their heart, according to astrologist, Lisa Stardust. Although this water sign is likely often experiencing a swell of emotion deep down, “they hide their inner feelings under their shell to ensure they don’t experience heartache and pain,” Stardust explains. However, if you’re looking for a loyal lover, you cannot do better than a Cancer. These trustworthy and reliable crabs will hold onto their loved ones forever, so consider yourself lucky if they decide to latch onto you.

Below, we break down Cancer’s compatibility with each zodiac sign. With the help of Stardust, learn who the stars pick as the perfect lover for you, crabs.

Aries and Cancer

When it comes to personalities, Aries and Cancer are about as different as cats and dogs. Sometimes the whole “opposites attract” philosophy does check out, though, so this pairing isn’t totally off the table.

And because both signs are naturally protective of their loved ones, Stardust points out, “These two feel at home with each other, which means they are great domestic partners and roommates.” However, their opposite personalities can clash when harsh Aries doesn’t consider sensitive Cancer’s feelings.

Taurus and Cancer

It’s no secret that Cancer is one of the most loyal and loving signs of the zodiac. And with Taurus valuing dependability and consistency in relationships (and offering these qualities themselves), these two are a match made in heaven. Plus, according to Stardust, “The conversation never runs dry when Taurus and Cancer come together.”

Gemini and Cancer

Gemini likes to live freely and adventurously, while Cancers are natural nurturers, which can come off as clingy or nagging to the wild Gemini. Plus, according to Stardust, Gemini’s social butterfly and free-spirited behavior can be misunderstood by homebody Cancers. “At times, Cancers can feel as though Geminis are being a little shady,” she explains. “But they often forgive the twins’ further indiscretions.”

Cancer and Cancer

Calling all cuddlers: Two Cancers together means endless snuggles, heart-to-hearts, and true loyalty. Crabs are highly communicative, intimate, and emotional, so when they find each other, there will be no shortage of deep conversations, meaningful sex, and true companionship. “When two Cancers are in a relationship, it involves nostalgia and playful fun,” Stardust says.

Leo and Cancer

Just like how they are sun and moon signs, Leo and Cancer personalities are like night and day. While Leo is outgoing, passionate, and social, Cancers are introverted, emotional, and homebodies. So, when they’re in a relationship, those core traits can clash. “Leo feels as though Cancer is hiding its feelings and Cancer feels as though Leo is too out there with its feelings,” Stardust explains. “Finding a balance that works for both to feel seen emotionally is key.”

Virgo and Cancer

It might take some time for one of these shy signs to make the first move, but once they do, it’s a comfortable match. However, communication will be key, as Virgo thinks logically, while Cancer leads with the heart, and messages can be misconstrued if they’re not direct with each other. However, Stardust still sees long-term potential in a Virgo/Cancer relationship. “These two laugh endlessly and can remain friends throughout the years,” she says.

Libra and Cancer

Some of the best relationships are those where partners bring out different sides of each other—which is exactly what happens between Libra and Cancer. The crab is drawn to Libra’s fun energy, while Libra will be refreshed by the crab’s calm demeanor.

These two might have their ups and downs, but longevity won’t be an issue, according to Stardust. “Libra and Cancer will never leave each other’s sides, which can be wonderful and codependent at the same time,” she explains.

Scorpio and Cancer

As two water signs, Scorpio and Cancer just get each other, plain and simple. In love and romance, both signs crave deep, emotional connections, and that’s what they’ll receive as a couple. “These two are great friends and lovers, as they both require complete loyalty in partnership and find that in each other,” Stardust says.

Sagittarius and Cancer

Although they have different approaches to life (Sagittarius is a free-spirited nomad while Cancer is much more traditional), the pair will connect on hobbies and interests. According to Stardust, “These two signs have shared interests, like a love of adventurous foods, wine, and art.” However, similar pastimes aren’t enough to sustain a long-lasting connection, as Cancer will want to plant roots and will get tired of the fire sign’s restless wandering.

Capricorn and Cancer

Opposites attract when Capricorn and Cancer get together. “Cancer likes Capricorns pragmatic approach to life and Capricorn appreciates Cancers sentimentality,” Stardust says. This intense opposition creates a passionate attraction between these two that cannot be denied. Plus, both the sea goat and the crab are known to be cautious with their finances, which is a great shared trait for a long-term partnership.

Aquarius and Cancer

“Cancer is very emotional and Aquarius is very aloof,” Stardust says. “Therefore, their sentimentality differs greatly.” A Cancer-Aquarius match is bound to be stressful, since the signs will struggle to communicate, and a lack of trust will result.

Pisces and Cancer

As twin water signs, both Pisces and Cancer are not lacking in creativity, which will fuel each other’s pursuits. “Romance and creativity are in the air when these two signs get together,” Stardust says. Lots of emotions will be flowing between these companions, which can be a double-edged sword.

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