Whoa, a lot of people will cancel their Netflix subscription if it changes this one thing

Like any relationship, our long term commitment to Netflix has changed over over the years. They’ve brought us good times, and bad times, and added and removed enough titles to make your head spin. The best part about this beautiful partnership is that Netflix delivers what we really don’t want: ads.

The streaming service is set up completely ad-free, unlike Hulu which has some adds, and if you pay a little bit more, fewer ads. Right now, there are no plans to add ads to Netflix, so don’t freak out. But if they were to add in some sponsored content, what would you do? Well, okay, what would you do after you stopped freaking out about the fact that Netflix was now running ads?

AllFlicks decided to find out. They surveyed over 1,200 people on Reddit and asked them the tough questions: What would you do if Netflix ran ads?

Know that long term relationship with Netflix? It’ll go out the window. An alarming 74% would straight up END their subscription with Netflix if ads appeared.


Just like, bye Netflix. Delete the account, delete the app, unfriend them on FB, stop following them on Twitter, delete all happy Instagram pictures of the two of you together. A truly brutal breakup.

Once again, there’s still no plan to incorporate ads to the site, AllFlicks just wanted to find out how much we’d freak out if it happens (and the answer is: FREAK OUT A LOT x10). They also learned that 90% of Netflix users would rather pay more per month to continue binging without ads, then have one or two scattered in (the same thing that Hulu did not that long ago when they launched Hulu Plus). Over 50% of Netflix users would be okay with paying $1-2 dollars more to keep watching without ads.

…and that’s exactly what Netflix did recently. Prices are currently on the rise by roughly $2. On the track we’re on right now, it’s clear there are no plans for ads, if the monthly costs just goes up like 200 cents a month. That’s not so bad for ad-free binging, right?

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