Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke up for gender equality, and here are our favorite quotes

This week, the UN General Assembly is meeting in New York to discuss a range of global issues. One of those issues is the HeForShe initiative, for which Emma Watson is the spokeswoman. HeForShe is an initiative to promote women in our society, and specifically, it asks that men support and empower women as part of a larger goal to improve the world. Justin Trudeau, the awesome and adorable Prime Minister of Canada, spoke yesterday about his support for feminism and the HeForShe movement. And we were so excited hearing his empowering words, that we had to break down some of our favorite quote via one of our favorite TV politicians, Leslie Knope.

Here are some of our favorite things that he had to say.

“There are few causes that I am as passionate about as the one that is at the core of the HeForShe movement. The need for gender equality and the need to have everyone, men and women alike, doing their part to help get us there.


Yeah, we definitely give that two thumbs WAY up. This is the basis of the HeforShe movement, because we can’t improve the status of women in our society without the help of men, and we love to see any men confident enough to proclaim that they’re feminists.

"I think that everybody should be in the business of improving opportunities for women and girls.


Trudeau continues that it shouldn’t be remarkable that he’s getting out there and promoting gender equality, because he’s a husband, a brother, a son, a father and a political leader. As a man with women in his life, it’s his duty to stand up for their rights.

"We need women and girls to succeed, because that's how we build stronger more resilient communities."


These sentiments echo some of the ideas that Michelle Obama spoke about earlier this week, when she held an event for her “Let Girls Learn” initiative, which promotes education for young women and girls around the world. These ideas are all interconnected, and we know that when women are more successful, the world will be more successful.

“When women and girls get ahead, everyone does better in society.


He is talking about us! We know that we need to do our part as well to raise up our fellow ladies, because we all need to rise together. Trudeau also stresses the need for us to focus on our young people and make sure that they grow up in a world of equality.

"We know if kids grow up in a more equal world, it is a better world. More open, more prosperous and more peaceful."

Check out Justin Trudeau’s full speech here:

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