The Canadian immigration website crashed last night

We finally have something that actually made us laugh (or at least utter a slight chuckle) following a truly rough Election Day. You know how loads of people joked about moving to Canada if Trump won? Well, looks like they meant it. Yesterday during the election, the Canadian immigration website crashed. Literally so many people were trying to figure out how to move to Canada in light of a Trump win that the site was overloaded.

There were just WAY too many people trying to check out the Canadian immigration site all at once.

According to this tweet at 10:30pm last night,

"The Canadian Immigration site just crashed. No joke. This is America in total panic breakdown freakout mode. #NeverTrump #ElectionNight"

Like, woah, you guys. People were seriously freaking TF out, and the election results weren’t even in yet. However, they were obviously right to do contingency planning, because Trump did, in fact, become the president-elect.

Also, there was a MAJOR spike in the number of people searching “emigrate” online.

He won’t be president until January, though, so you still have time to do your research (and let the immigration site figure itself out) if you’re seeking escape. Do know, though, that moving to Canada isn’t actually easy at all.