Netflix just made a huge deal with this television provider, which will make streaming shows *so* much easier

Peanut butter and jelly, Marvel and Disney, Netflix and… Comcast? They might just become our brand new dream team. For today’s amazing television news, Netflix and Comcast are teaming up to bring us Netflix shows…right to our TVs. Yes, this already happens, but with a new deal between the two companies, you’ll be able to watch Netflix shows via Comcast, and the future is now.

This deal between Netflix and Comcast marks a big change for TV overall. In Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’ words, "It's Netflix and the cable industry working together. So, it’s something we never thought we’d see.

This arrangement between Netflix and the cable giant adds the streaming service to Comcast’s X1 platform. It includes original series like House of Cards and The Crown, so essentially you can watch Netflix over cable.

Part of the reason this team-up is so surprising is that Netflix and Comcast haven’t always been on good terms. (Basically Netflix didn’t want Comcast to purchase Time Warner Cable in 2014, and Netflix speeds were sad on Comcast.) However, Hastings says customers, “don’t really care about us and Comcast fighting. They just want a great experience for television.”

Comcast users who already have Netflix can watch easily. When their X1 box updates, they can sign in with their Netflix login. Those who don’t subscribe to the streaming service already can opt-in, and will be billed for it monthly through Comcast.

Hastings, who is incidentally a Comcast Xfinity customer himself, calls the user interface, “the most convenient we’ve ever had. So, it sounds like it’ll be a snap to watch Netflix over cable – even for customers who aren’t familiar with it.

The team-up is mutually beneficial for the unlikely pair. It could potentially boost Netflix subscribers, and definitely adds incentive for Comcast customers to join X1. Even though cable subscriptions have generally been declining, Comcast has added 170,000 video subscribers in the last year through it.

The deal also changes the perception of Netflix itself: “Fundamentally, we are a channel like HBO. We have got amazing content. So, from the consumer’s perspective, we ought to be integrated, says Hastings.

It may be unorthodox, but we’re excited for the news, and for TV viewers everywhere.

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