You can totally buy Damn Daniel’s white Vans on eBay —for $400,000

In case you haven’t heard, the Internet Gods recently bestowed a gift upon us: Damn Daniel, a video of a teenage boy whose style prompts an offscreen narrator to repeat “Dammmn Daniel,” with the occasional “back at it again in those white Vans.”

While both Daniel and the video’s creator (@josholzz) have become extremely popular, something else seems to want to steal their spotlight: White Vans.

According to Racked, eBay listings for “Damn Daniel White Vans” are now selling for an exorbitant amount of money. As of right now, there are 904 listings with this description and the highest price is currently: $400,000.10! In other words, people are actually bidding a ton of money on a pair of pre-owned Vans that can be bought – brand new – on the company’s website for $45.


Just in case you think that the above listing is an exception, it’s not.

155 bids have gone toward another pair of pre-owned Vans that are now up to $99,900.00. There are several other pricey listings that currently have no bids, but the next one with bids is now at $14,950.00. The latter pair of shoes actually claim to come with a “Letter From Daniel Saying They Are Real.” Next to the pre-owned description, it states that the shoes were “Worn by him.”



Um… Will people actually have to pay for these pre-owned Vans? If eBay has anything to say about it, the answer is yes. Their bidding policy clearly states, “You must pay for any item you commit to buying.” Then again, there isn’t much the company can do if someone decides that they don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for shoes “Worn by him.”


If someone does end up with those shoes, we truly hope they get the “back at it again in those [$400,000] white Vans” response they were hoping for. In the meantime, we’re just going to watch this again (for free):

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