I’ve fallen in love with pub food. Thank you, Brits!

It’s week two of my travels through London! I hope you’re enjoying this journey with as much as I am enjoying sharing it with all of you! Knowing that my HelloGiggles fam is tagging along for this trip makes it that much more sweet! As I mentioned in my last post about packing, I won an awesome trip to London through 1st Class Fashion, and for the whole month of June I’ll be sharing all my adventures with you!

This week is all about the food. Sure, British food got a bad rap back in the day (as Gordon Ramsey loves to point out), but a pub-eating Chicago girl like me finds London to be just like home—but better! Fresh farm food, simple meals, and none of the extra stuff like corn syrup and additives. I could eat and eat here until I turn into Henry the VIII!

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