Can we talk about how awesome and diverse the Spiderman cast already is?

We were already excited about the upcoming Spider-Man reboot, Spider-Man: Homecoming. And seeing the new Spidey make an awesome cameo in Captain America: Civil War got us even more stoked to see this teenage hero brought back to the big screen.

The confirmed and rumored cast for this series are incredibly talented and amazingly diverse. Here are just a few of the confirmed cast members (and their roles, if they’ve been announced).

Tom Holland

as Spider-Man (which we’ve known)

Robert Downey Jr.

as Peter Parker’s mentor Tony Stark (obviously)

Marisa Tomei

as Aunt May

Michael Keaton

as Vulture



as Michelle (Gonzales?)

Donald Glover

Michael Barbieri

Laura Harrier

Tony Revolori

as Flash Thompson

Kenneth Choi


Martin Starr


Bokeem Woodbine


Tyne Daly


Logan Marshall-Green

Garcelle Beauvais

Tiffany Espensen

Hannibal Buress 

Basically, this cast is getting insane and we are going crazy ourselves with excited anticipation to see them all in action.