Can we pretty please have this domesticated baby fox all to ourselves?

It’s no secret we’re crazy fox ladies here at HG. Whether we’re swooning over friendly fox farms in Japan, or loving (from afar) adopted foxes who think they’re dogs, we’ve already come to terms with the fact that we’re major fox obsessives. And that’s probably because foxes are one of the most adorable animals, ever, so no shame.

More proof? Rylai, a domesticated red fox cub who already has a significant Instagram following (almost 7,000 followers!). On her Instagram, you get to see pics of her snuggling (she does A LOT of snuggling), and videos of her falling asleep (she does A LOT of sleeping). You can also follow her on Facebook and see what she eats, what her training lessons are like, and according to Bored Panda, her “little everyday challenges,” which sounds infinitely precious.

As for her background, she’s actually not a Siberian fox (despite her very white fur), which are actually bred in Russia, says Bored Panda, “to make them tamer and more dog-like.” Rylai is still very much a fox, but calmer and very, very cool with living in a house with her awesome owner, who treats her like the princess she is. And her calm demeanor can be explained by her lineage — she comes from a long line of domesticated foxes. According to Buzzfeed, her family has lived inside for more than 100 years, so she actually wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild by herself.

Rylai is definitely different than the cats and dogs we have at home though. The fox’s owner tells Buzzfeed, “It’s really not a pet for everybody. You can’t just take it home and expect it to be a puppy or a kitten because it’s not.” She also wants everyone to know that foxes do require more work than the pets we’re used to. “[Foxes] require a lot more work than a cat or dog. Please do your research before considering adding one of these amazing animals to your family,” she wrote on Reddit. It’s important to know that foxes are NOT legal to keep as pets everywhere (however it IS legal where Ryali’s owner lives, which is the South).

Check out some more of Rylai’s chill poses and prepare your heart for ultimate cuteness:

All images via Bored Panda