MAC will start selling Beautyblenders in 2018, and what a time to be alive

Just like most makeup lovers, we’re obsessed with beauty partnerships, especially the ones that allow us to enjoy two different makeup brands we love. So you can imagine our excitement when we learned MAC will now sell Beautyblender products. Yes, you read that correctly. You can score your favorite makeup blending sponges online and at select MAC stores starting January 4th.

If you haven’t used Beautyblender’s products, it’s safe to say the brand’s sponges are one of the best makeup innovations ever. They apply foundation, concealer, and highlighter products with ease. And while you may have tried some makeup sponge dupes for a fraction of the price, it’s safe to say that nothing really compares to the quality, performance, and shelf-life of Beautyblenders.

Come January 4th, you can shop your favorite beauty products like the Beautyblender Original, the Beautyblender Solid Cleanser, and the Beautyblender Mini at select MAC stores and online. Prices range from $16-$20. This is fantastic news for makeup junkies who prefer to do all their beauty shopping in one place.


With this amazing announcement, we’ll definitely say that we can’t even begin to handle all this awesome 2018 beauty news.


We’re seriously hoping other beauty brands make shocking announcements that will make the upcoming year a good one.


Or MAC and Beautyblender could just continue to slay us again with a new exclusive line of products sometime next year.