You can now get married *at night* in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World

There’s nothing more magical than checking out the fireworks over Magic Kingdom with your loved one. It’s the perfect setting with the illuminated castle, and the fantasy in the sky, along with the swelling (and emotional) Disney music in the background. It’s *perfect*.

And now, it’s also the perfect place to get hitched. Disney has just announced that you can now get married at night in the Magic Kingdom, and start saving all your pennies for this fairytale wedding.

Disney has long allowed you to get married in the Magic Kingdom (because, duh, doesn’t everyone want to get married in the shadow of the castle?) but they’ve never offered a nighttime package before. According to their website, you’ll get married in front of the castle, and then immediately hold your reception — BY CANDLE LIGHT!! — in Fantasyland.

"This tailor-made fairy tale takes place after Magic Kingdom park closes. Treasure your nighttime wedding in this land of wonder and delight—and create memories that are sure to last a lifetime," Disney writes. And yes, you'll be all alone in the park while you "take in all the beauty and wonder of Magic Kingdom park without all the crowds."

This wedding setting/venue will accommodate up to 300 guests, and will obviously happen after the park closes (so just keep in mind, if you’re like frantically calling your partner right now about this, you’ll be getting married probably around 11 p.m.).

Also, it's like, really expensive. Like, so expensive you might not even want to know the price but here it is anyway: $180,000. And that's just like the BARE MINIMUM of amenities. That's not including the Cinderella Carriage that you'll roll up in looking like a PRINCESS.


You can find more information about the wedding on Disney’s website (where you can also play out your ~dream~ big day). Even just THINKING about it is like a fairytale come true.

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