You can now literally eat Lady Gaga’s meat dress, in case that’s something you wanted

Lady Gaga dressed in meat at the 2010 MTV VMAs didn’t exactly leave us salivating, but if her protein-packed gown left your taste buds yearning for a juicy steak, then you’ll be thrilled to know you can eat Lady Gaga’s meat dress IRL. There’s a catch though: You’ll have to book an international flight to sample it.

Here’s what the real deal looked like:


Uproxx reports that a hotpot restaurant in China serves meat on a Barbie, which is exactly what it sounds like. It’s what Gaga would look like if she threw on her meat dress and struck a pose in the middle of a platter.

According to Eater, you simply peel layers of the meat off the doll and drop them in the hotpot. Before you imagine yourself digging into this odd AF meal (or gagging at the thought of it), we have to ask: WWGD (What would Gaga do?) Would she recoil in horror or pour a glass of wine to complement her mini-me meat meal?


We’re not sure how the singer would respond to this, but stranger Gaga-related things have happened. Honestly, we wouldn’t be shocked if a special version of this recipe appears in Gaga’s Italian cookbook.