This woman transformed into the bejeweled Snapchat filter, and it’s magic

Snapchat filters come and go, but the ones that stay in our memories are the ones we want to recreate as makeup looks. Namely, we’re talking about that one filter that makes your eyelids look as though they’ve been bejeweled by the craft gods. It’s probably not a daytime look, but it would be super fun to play around with when you get the chance.

To help us get our makeup on, YouTuber Jessica Valadez created her very own “Jeweled Snapchat Filter Tutorial.” Considering that the filter is no longer with us, we like to think that we’re bringing it back… on our faces. 


The first thing you have to do is apply your base. Jessica uses foundation, concealer, setting powder, a contour kit, and a brow kit. With a solid foundation (literally) to work with, Valadez then moves on to the eyeshadow. With an orange color (Sigma’s “Ginger Pumpkin“), she spreads it all over her lid and then uses a brown (Sigma’s “Cafe au Lait“) to emphasize the crease. Note: make sure to blend these two together before putting on fake lashes.


To give her cheeks that Snapchat flush, Jessica uses a baby pink color (Sigma Aura Powder Blush in “Pet Name“), making sure to highlight the high points of her face for an extra glow. To complete Phase 2 of this modern look, Valadez lines her lips (with Sigma’s “Carnation“), adding both lipstick (NYX Matte Lipstick in “Sweet Pink“) and gloss (Sunna Claore “Pinkalicious” Matte Liquid Lipstick).


Now, it’s time. Using eyelash glue, you should place a drop on a flat surface. Using a pair of tweezers, dip individual jewels in the glue, let it get a bit tacky, and then carefully place them around your eyes and above your brows.


Who knew becoming a Snapchat filter would make you look like a bejeweled goddess?

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