You can make this DIY headache remedy with just four ingredients

Note: This is not meant to be used in place of medication. I use it in addition to medication, or when I’ve forgotten medication at home, or when I just want something soothing and calming. This is not meant to be medical advice — it’s just something I’ve added to my care regimen that works for me.

I’ve gotten headaches nearly all my life. Some of them are migraines, and some of them are your more run-of-the-mill headaches, simply from dehydration or staring at my computer screen too long — a hazard of being an editor, and also of living in the 21st century. I’ve learned what works for me and created a veritable tool belt of headache-fighting tools — and here’s one of them.

The Ingredients

This is everything you’ll need to make a DIY headache rollerball. I’ll tell you how to make it, how much of each thing to use, and why you’re using it.

Glass Rollerball

I got these on Amazon, but you could find them anywhere. You want to get either a blue color or an amber color so that sunlight doesn’t damage the oils inside the bottle. The roller on top pops off so that you can put whatever you want inside — these are also great for mixing your own scents!

Fractionated Coconut Oil

Coconut oil that has been fractionated is liquid all the time, whereas regular coconut oil becomes a solid in the 70 degree range. This makes it an excellent carrier oil for essential oils. Once the top of the rollerball is popped off, fill it 2/3 of the way with fractionated coconut oil from the pump. This will serve as the main carrier oil for the other oils — it dilutes the potency of the magnesium, peppermint, and lavender.

Magnesium Oil

Magnesium has been proven to treat headaches and muscle pain, and it’s actually absorbed better through the skin than the stomach. Once the coconut oil has been added to the rollerball, I add about ten sprays to the container of magnesium oil.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil helps control blood flow in the body, which works well to ease headache and migraine pain that may be due to poor blood flow. I add about 10 drops of peppermint oil to each roller bottle that I make.

Lavender Oil

Evidence shows that lavender is 30% more effective than a placebo in treating migraines, but I actually just use it because the scent is so calming! I add about 10 drops of lavender to the rollerball after adding the peppermint, and if there is any room left, I add more coconut oil to fill, pop the top back on, and shake!

How To Use It

When you’re feeling headache pain, rub it on your temples and/or at the base of your neck. I also like to rub it on my pulse points. Remember, you’re dealing with gravity here, so tilt your head so the liquid reaches the rollerball.

Extra Tips

You might find that you want more or less of a certain oil, and that’s totally okay! Experiment.

If you, like me, bought a pack of 12 rollerballs, you’ll have a few leftover. They make great gifts! Or you can buy other essential oils and make some roll-on perfumes for yourself. I made a few extra of these for myself to keep at work and in different purses so I’d never be without one.

I’ve found that the leftover magnesium oil is GREAT for sore muscles, but is extremely itchy if you use it on its own. That’s what the coconut oil is for! Rub some fractionated coconut oil on sore muscles, and then spray on some magnesium, and you’ll rub away tension.