Can we guess when you’re going to get your period? Take the ~quiz~

So, it’s that time of the month. All you want to eat are buckets of salt and Twix bars. Your emotions go from rage-y to the dark pits of melancholia. Your period is coming, but you’re not TOTALLY sure what day it’s going to arrive. That shooting pain in your lower abdomen gives you a clue, but it’s an unreliable one. When exactly is your period coming and can it just NOT?

If you, like us, struggle with your ever-elusive period, why not take our Very Accurate Period Quiz? Let the menstrual fortunetellers of HelloGiggles predict what stage of your cycle you’re currently in. Are you on your period ALREADY? (Surprise!) Is your period a full week away? (Phew!) Are you ovulating? (Oh HELLO there, eggs!) Find out by taking the quiz now!