Get nostalgia delivered right to your door with Nickelodeon’s monthly subscription box

Remember back in the ’90s, when Nickelodeon used to sell ~swag~ on TV, and every commercial ended with “Be sure to ask your parent’s permission before buying this!” Fast forward 20 years, and now you don’t need your parent’s permission to buy anything from Nickelodeon.

Which is good, because you’re about to buy a million subscription to Nickelodeon’s brand new retro box.

Like many other box subscription services, Nickelodeon has put one together that is totally going to channel your inner ’90s kid. Called, The Nick Box, it’s going to be full of fancy ~exclusive~ items that you would have wanted SO BAD as a kid. Think, like Reptar stuffed animals and Ahh! Real Monsters! t-shirts among other things.

Basically, it’s your Saturday morning in a box.

The boxes will be shipped out quarterly (aka, four times a year) and each box costs $49.99. OR, if you wanna pay for EVERY box upfront, it’s $180 for the entire year. Know you’re going to totally get your money’s worth, and easily become the coolest kid on the block employee in the office. The inaugural box actually features a Reptar figurine, a Stimpy mug, and a plus Spunky from Rocko’s Modern Life. Uh, yes please.

And that’s just the FIRST box. It looks like the second box will be All That themed. Hell yeah.

The boxes are on sale for pre-order right now, and if you’re heading to this year’s San Diego Comic Con, you can actually pick up a box there, too.