Here are 3 research-approved ways to get more matches to talk to you on dating apps

Listen up. The biggest online dating day of the entire YEAR is quickly approaching! According to Hinge, the first Sunday of the year can usually see up to 50 percent more user registrations. In light of this busy dating period, Hinge has done some research to find out how you can be more successful in your dating life in 2017. What works? What doesn’t work? Why do we match with so many people but go out on so few dates? Well, they have some interesting answers for you that could help you out on this wild first Sunday of the year.

They found that there are three things you can put in your profile to increase your odds of finding someone special. Here goes:


Get this: Showcasing your spontaneous side could give you a 139 percent bump in responses! Specific topics include “Next vacation I want to go on,” and “On my bucket list.”


This one sees a 59 percent increase in interest. Examples include “Two truths and a lie,” and “Worst first date.”


Self-deprecation sees a slight bump overall of 4 percent. Hinge highlights “Worst idea I’ve ever had” and “Worst fad I participated in.”

But they also found that these three profile boosters produce different results across the genders. Self-deprecation works best for the dudes. A funny put-down in a bio makes a guy 1.5 more likely than a woman to get some attention, while women see the best results when featuring a confession. “Women are 3x more likely than men to receive interest if they share secrets,” the report says. Fascinating.

Confessions and self-deprecation? Seems like people are just trying to look for someone who can get real and maybe a little vulnerable. We can support that.

Good luck out there, everyone!