Things you can only get away with when you’re BFFs

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Your best friend has seen you at your best, and probably at your very worst. She’s there for you when you just want to spend Friday night looking at Pinterest and eating Funfetti frosting, and all those times when you absolutely need to go Denny’s for some absolutely essential 12am pancakes. Best of all, your bestie never judges you. EVER. She loves you exactly how you are, your lovable weirdness and your quirks and you love hers, too. Which is why she’s the only one who you can *truly* be yourself around.

Here are just some of the antics you’re totally allowed to pull in front of your BFF:

Spending the night eating shredded cheese from the bag and watching Gilmore Girls re-runs

Why go out and subject yourself to gross almost-winter weather and socializing, when you can just lounge on the couch in your PJs and fuzzy blanket with your most favorite person in the world?

Taking like fifteen selfies together for “good measure”

Only your best friend understands that importance of a good filter and she will be brutally honest when telling you which of the thousand pictures you just took is Instagram-worthy (although she will vehemently remind you they are ALL beautiful, because you are).

Ordering cheesy fries and only eating the fries with all the cheese on them

The fries that aren’t smothered in cheesy goodness are a waste of time, honestly. You both know that, best not kid yourselves. Might as well order two batches.

Dancing like a total dork to classic 2000s pop (aka, Dream’s “He Loves You Not” and Britney Spears’ entire Oops I Did It Again album)

And busting out all your favorite moves like you’re twelve again.

Ugly crying about anything (your love life, why there isn’t any cheese left in the fridge, etc.)

Your bestie knows how to comfort you, and she knows that it’s best to just let you cry for awhile, snot and all. Maybe you just got broken up with, or perhaps you were laid off from work. Whatever it is, sometimes sobbing it out with your BFF is the best remedy.

Picking at your zits even though you know it’s bad

Maybe she won’t approve, but she certainly won’t judge. We all have pesky break-outs and some of us just don’t have enough to patience to deal with them.

Singing along to the Pitch Perfect soundtrack

Sure, it might be a cappella, and neither of you are formerly trained in the art of beautiful singing, but it’s still epically fun, and you both get to feel like divas.

Asking her to be your bathroom buddy

It could be a holdover from those summer camp days, but let’s be real: going to the bathroom with someone else is way more fun than going by yourself. Especially if you’re at a bar and have had a cocktail or two.

Analyzing a prospective love interest’s Facebook message for approximately two hours

You discuss very important rhetorical details, like what they meant when they wrote “hi.” Or if there is any depth behind that smiley face. You are the Sherlock to her Watson, and it’s perfect.

Being super honest with each other in regards to outfit potential

No one else will tell you that yellow blazer just isn’t working with those acid-wash jeans. No one.

Going to the gym and then immediately turning back around to your car because ugh, exercise

You two try to be the best, healthy humans possible, but sometimes the thought of running in place for an hour just doesn’t sound very great. Hitting up the movie theatre instead to watch the latest Hunger Games movie? Far more appealing.

Complaining about your period. . .in detail

Tampons, cramps, your crazy flow —nothing is off-limits.

Hanging out at Costco just to eat the free samples

And maybe to go hang out in the furniture section and debate whether you should purchase a bunch of fruit snacks in bulk. Because one can never have too many fruit snacks.

Referring to your favorite barista as your “boyfriend” even though the only time you two speak is when you give him your coffee order

She doesn’t even bat an eye when you say, “My boyfriend made the BEST chestnut praline latte. Like, he knew how much whipped cream to top it off with. He’s perfect.” She just responds with, “Girl, I know he is.”

Having super random inside jokes like saying “Orange Mocha Frappuccino” in Zoolander’s voice when you want to go to Starbucks

You and your bestie basically have a special language that only two speak, and it’s wonderful.

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