You can celebrate Chinese New Year by getting your nails did with NCLA’s new collection

The fabulous folks at NCLA are giving you a chance to celebrate Chinese New Year on your nails with their festive new collection.

This coming Saturday, January 28th is the Lunar New Year, a centuries-old festival and time of celebration. If you’re ready to invite good luck and fortune into your life during this Year of the Rooster, NCLA has got you (and your nails) covered. The LA-based company is your source for a wide range of luxury nail products, polishes, wraps, and treatments. This latest collection includes a beautiful creme lacquer and a set of detailed, easy to apply nail wraps.

The products come in lucky red and gold to promote prosperity, wealth, happiness, and long life — nothing wrong with that! The lacquer, “Prosperity,” is a bright warm red with a subtle and elegant gold shimmer that will flatter most skin tones.

Prosperity is at your fingertips!


People born in the Year of the Rooster are said to be bright, ambitious, and independent. They’re also supposedly punctual, since the crowing of the rooster traditionally served as an alarm clock. This year is the year of the Fire Rooster, which, to repeat the theme of these nails, means prosperity!

The “Year of the Rooster” nail wraps are decorated with blossoms, lanterns, geometric shapes, and proud roosters. The application process is simple: Just stick on to clean, dry nails and file. No lamp or drying time required! Each pack comes with 26 wraps in different sizes so you can definitely find one to fit any nail.

Need these like, yesterday.


Treat yourself to the Prosperity lacquer and Year of the Rooster nail wraps at NCLA for $16 each.

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