FYI: You can buy a grown-up version of Prince George’s birthday t-shirt for about $13

At age 3, Prince George is already basically a style icon. It’s no surprise, really — with a fashionable mama like Duchess Kate Middleton, what else would we expect of the pint-sized fashionisto? Kate is known for dressing her kids George and 26-month-old Princess Charlotte like the teeny tiny royalty that they are.

Now, we have great news for anyone of the non-toddler set who’s ever seen little George rockin’ an adorable princely outfit and wished they could find it in their own size. You can buy a grown-up version of Prince George’s latest iconic look–and it’s only $13.

In honor of the potential future king of England’s 3rd birthday on July 22nd, the Kensington Palace official Twitter account released a few brand-new images of young George looking bday king swag.

I can *barely* handle how adorable that pic with the dog is. Is George sharing ice cream with his pup?? TOO CUTE.

In the pics, the super photogenic little prince is rocking a few different looks while hangin’ with a dog, chillin’ on a swing, and just casually strolling around what I’m assuming are the royal palace grounds. That striped whale sweater over a collared button down is undoubtedly kid-chic, but it’s the casual pocket square striped tee that George is wearing in the other three photos that’s really caught the (grown-up) internet’s interest.

Tucked in and paired with basic denim shorts, George’s outfit is *totally* giving us summer look inspiration. Despite being worn by a royal and thus broadcast to the entire world, the white t-shirt with light blue stripes and a dark blue pocket square is shockingly affordable. It’s from the children’s brand Sunuva and is marked down to a price of only £9.00 — around $13ish dollars.

Yes, Sunuva is a kids’ brand and doesn’t officially make adult clothing, but this particular tee is available in boys’ size 13-14 years — meaning, it can easily fit any number of women who are at or around the same size as a tweenaged boy. Specifically, the size chart says that this size shirt will fit any person up to 5’3”, with up to a 33-inch chest and a 27-inch waist.

Alternatively, as Racked points out, you can buy a smaller version and wear it as “the world’s most demure crop top.”

Either way you rock it, we’ve gotta give a shout out to Prince George (and whoever is styling the fashion-forward tot) for his trend-setting ways! If the Sunuva shirt sells out before you can snag one, never fear: Forever 21 has a few very similar options, as do Aeropostale and Abercrombie & Fitch.

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