This “Camping With Cats” Instagram account is almost too cute to handle, but you should try anyway

As if there weren’t already enough reasons to be obsessed with Instagram, cat lovers, prepare to basically burst with cuteness, because Camping With Cats is a thing. And it’s, like, the best kind of thing, because who doesn’t love adorable kitties on adventures? It is honestly way past time for us to stop thinking of cats as exclusively indoor animals.

Plus, there’s a bonus: Not only are the cats themselves every shade of cute, but the captions are loaded with even *more* sweetness. I’m talking cat-inspired haikus on every post! Get ready to tag all your cat-loving besties, and your cat-hating bae to convince them to give the furry beauties a try (because we all know our homes benefit from a kitty, or two, or a thousand). We grabbed some of our faves to help you figure out where to start tossing your heart-eyes-and-kitties emoji combo.

This sweet little kitty rocking a flower necklace

Hello, Coachella cat.

This handsome fluffball and their bowtie

Talk about #RelationshipGoals.

This sassy buddy

Us every Monday.

This sad sweetie isn’t happy about getting wet

Aw, aw, aw. 

This dream of hanging in a hammock with a kitten

Dreams do come true.

Even more sass, because cats are nothing if not sassy

We respect your sass, beautiful kitten.

This brave spider-cat

*Cue Spiderman theme song on repeat*

This sleepy honey trying to find the energy to stay with it

We want to kiss your little nose, but we’ll let you sleep.

This thoughtful camper feeling totally inspired

Being in the wild makes us feel ~in the zone~ too, kitty friend.

This sweetpea embracing the freedom of nature

The most beautiful things in the world: open flower fields, and happy cats.

This lovely little kitty who isn’t quite ready to embrace the wild

We’d never let you go, kitty!

This stylish, scarf-wearing pal

Um, hi, be our stylist, thanks.

This sneaky ball o’ fluff

The eyes. The teensy ears. We can’t. We actually cannot with any of this (but more, please).