We are loving the new Campbell’s soup commercial starring this IRL same-sex couple

Luke Skywalker may have only had one father in the films, and they may not have had the best relationship. But the father-son bond between this little boy and his two fathers is something that everyone is talking about right now. That’s because sometimes, there are commercials that just nail it, commercials that leave you feeling all sorts of emotions in just a matter of seconds. That’s exactly how we’re feeling about the latest Campbell’s Soup ad that promotes its special-edition Star Wars soup cans and its #RealRealLife campaign.

The commercial features two dads pretending to be Darth Vader, spoonfeeding their son. “I am your father,” one of them says as they whiz the spoon towards their son. “No, no, no, I am your father,” the other one responds, except clearly he’s not as good at impersonating a villain, so he starts making his best Chewbacca noises (which he totally rocks at). Yep, it’s the cutest thing in all the universes. But it’s also very important.

“We make real food for real people,” Yin Woon Rani, Campbell Soup vice president of marketing activation, said in a press release. “This campaign shows how Campbell’s products fit into people’s hectic everyday lives in an authentic, humorous and relatable way.”

True that. There aren’t many commercials out there that aim to depict all kinds of families, and it’s so, so refreshing to see diversity celebrated on-screen. Plus, geeky parenting? We are all for that.

“We talk to thousands of people every year,” Rani said in the release. “We shop with them, cook with them, hang out with them and connect with them on social media. This campaign holds a mirror up to the modern American family, because we know that people respond to brands that understand them and show life how it is, in all its glorious and joyous imperfections.”

Unfortunately, not everyone is supportive of this vein of advertising. Websites like OneMillionMoms are urging people to call Campbell’s soup to pull the ad on the basis of “glorifying this unnatural marriage.” And sadly, homophobic folks are crawling out of the woodwork to declare that they will be boycotting the soup company.

That said, it seems as though the majority are nothing but happy about the cuteness, just like we are.

We are majorly all about this latest Campbell’s soup campaign and hope it inspired more progressive, diverse commercials that truly represent our world’s population. We’re bummed to learn that its receiving some backlash, but we’re hoping the positive responses outweigh the negative.

Check out the entire ad for yourself and be prepared to be totally charmed (and get a strange combination of cravings for a Star Wars marathon and chicken noodle soup):


(Image via YouTube.)

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