“Camp Gyno” Creator, Naama Bloom, Makes Hello Flo the Ultimate Tween Lifehack

When I first started surfing the crimson wave, I tried to turn my head the other way. It was kind of like, “Yeah, I see you, but if I don’t tell anyone you’re here then maybe you’ll just go away and never come back.” I was convinced it was a freak occurrence and flat out didn’t feel like dealing.

Now, had I been offered a monthly care package with relevant necessities and some bonus goodies (in the form of candy), I might have felt differently. I might have felt excited to make this womanly transition. I might have been proud to be “mature” enough to receive my own mail every.single.month. Enter Hello Flo, a period-supply subscription service created by Naama Bloom, who realizes that every girl goes through her first period experience in a different way — but we all need the same things to get through it.

In what’s been called the “funniest period commercial ever,” Hello Flo takes us back to camp, where one little girl becomes the first in her group to get the “red badge of courage” and thus proclaims herself the “Camp Gyno.” She becomes the queen bee of period supplies, their “Joan of Arc,” doling out “swords” and “shields” to her needy peoples as she sees fit — until Hello Flo (“Santa for your vagina”) arrives.

Bloom knew she wanted to make an unusual campaign for her service from the beginning, and because it was mainly funded with her personal assets, she had creative license to do whatever she wanted.

Each monthly package provides a variation of tampons, pads and pantyliners depending on your flow, plus some sugary goodies for those days when you … well, when you have one of those days. And in a world where the ads for period products have started to resemble Noxema commercials, Bloom’s frank, fresh, tween-friendly perspective is a welcome addition.

Exactly. Because sometimes you just have to haul ass to the ladies — and when you do, you might as well be prepared.


 Featured image via HelloFlo

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