Camouflage wedding cakes are trending, and it’s weird but hey, cake is cake

When it comes to wedding cakes, we usually think of something with a soft and smooth texture and appearance that tastes like it’s been created by the hands of an angel. Tons of cakes fit the bill, but these badass camo cake designs we spotted over at Delish meet all of the criteria with the exception of the delicate appearance, and that’s perfectly fine by us. Giving a tough-looking cake the thumbs down is impossible to do — they’re still just as beautiful as traditionally decorated wedding cakes (and hey, they’re cake).

Just as people hated on the naked wedding cake trend, not every couple will be overjoyed at the thought of having their guests bite into a slice of camouflage cake, but we happen to think they’re not half-bad(ass). The designs are kind of busy, but these custom cakes brilliantly walk the line between delicate and edgy:

Thanks to this camo wedding cake trend and Blue Bell’s camouflage ice cream, it totally feels like we’re on the brink of a camouflage food blitz in which we are more than happy to indulge.