Camila Mendes and K.J. Apa Showed What ‘Riverdale’ Kissing Scenes Are Like RN

Killing the mood and germs in one fell swoop.

Celebrities often say that filming intimate moments is never as steamy as it appears to be onscreen. But amid a pandemic, the safety precautions actors are taking before locking lips are killing the germs in their mouths and the mood in one fell swoop. KJ Apa and Camila Mendes shared how they’re prepping for kissing scenes on Riverdale right now, and the process—although necessary—is pretty comical.

Apa, aka Archie Andrews, posted a video of himself and Mendes, aka Veronica Lodge, to his Instagram that shows the pair prepping for their onscreen make-out sesh. The duo clinks paper cups filled with mouthwash and links arms while downing the drink as if they’re pals taking shots of tequila at a party. Then, Varchie swishes the mouthwash around their mouths for much longer than we ever have (around 60 seconds, based on a crew members’ time marks). Finally, the actors spit the mouthwash into plastic bags. Super arousing, right?

Apa captioned the video, our new normal is washing our mouths before every take of a make-out scene…

Varchie is clearly a hygienic couple.

Riverdale resumed filming in mid-August after the cast and crew quarantined in Vancouver for two weeks. Season 5 will round out three Season 4 episodes that were left unfinished when filming was halted in March due to the pandemic. Then, Riverdale will make a time jump seven years into the future, showing the Riverdale High Vixens and Bulldogs as adults.

In Apa’s video, it appears that Veronica and Archie are still their high school selves in the scene (unless Archie still constantly wears zip-up hoodies seven years after high school). However, if the duo is playing their adult selves in the scene, does that mean Varchie is still going strong seven years later? Only time will tell.

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