Camila Cabello spoke about being “broken” while writing her new music

With only a few days to go until her solo debut, Camila Cabello has opened up about being “broken” while writing her new music, and it’s hitting us right in the feels.

Late last year, Camila announced that she was parting ways with her band, Fifth Harmony. Things became a bit complicated, with the band and Camila herself releasing separate statements, which contained conflicting stories about how the split had come about. Ultimately, it seemed like a pretty difficult situation all round.

Since then, Camila has said that she no longer speaks to her former bandmates, and she’s opened up about some of her difficult times while in the band.

Despite the difficulties, however, Camila Cabello has been forging on with her solo career.

The singer has appeared on a track with hot DJ and producer Cashmere Cat and even jumped on a song with Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull.

Now, though, it seems that Camila is ready to finally step out on her own. The singer recently announced her debut album, titled The Hurting, the Healing, the Loving, and revealed that the lead single from the collection, “Crying in the Club,” would be released on this Friday.

As part of the announcement, Camila wrote a lengthy essay in which she spilled her heart out about her experiences over the last few months, and how the album title came about.

The Hurting, the Healing, the Loving is the story of my journey from darkness into light, from a time when i was lost to a time when i found myself again,” she wrote. The story behind the album starts with the second song that you’ll hear called ‘I have questions’ which I started writing in a hotel bathroom on tour a little over a year ago. i was completely broken during that time, i was in the kind of pain that’s uncomfortable to talk about, and it was the kind of chapter you never want to read out loud….”

Continuing, the 20-year-old singer noted that she found writing too hard as it meant that she had to address the emotions that she was feeling, and it was all too painful. She explained that when the time came to work on her debut solo album she was completely avoiding the topics that were really bugging her.

It wasn’t until she wrote the track “I Have Questions,” which she is rumored to be performing at this week’s Billboard Music Awardsthat Camila felt free and found happiness again.

"i realized i wasn’t making music just to make an album anymore, i was making this music to heal. it wasn’t until i had made enough songs to listen back to and realized i could hear myself coming back through these songs," she wrote. "i didn’t write it with the intention of delivering a message, but i realized the message was in the hurting, the healing, and the loving."

Closing her powerful letter, Camila made an important reference to the album’s title.

“To the hurting, thank you for teaching me that even if at night you take me into the deepest depths of the ocean, i will still wake in the morning,” she wrote. “to the healing, thank you for the tears. when they finally came, they tasted like God. to the loving, you are even more beautiful than i remember.”

We’re so glad that Camila has found solace in her music and been able to heal. While she doesn’t specify what experiences were getting her down and that led to her feeling broken, we can imagine the last few months have been difficult for her. Now we just can’t wait to see what her music sounds like and to watch her SLAY the Billboard Music Awards.

Camila Cabello releases her debut solo single, “Crying in the Club,” on Friday, May 19th.