Camila Cabello Lost Her “Short Hair Virginity” With a New Bob Cut

"Time to feel the air on these shoulders baby."

Camila Cabello took the plunge and went through with her first big chop, wigs excluded. The “My Oh My” singer debuted a brand new hairstyle on her Instagram, and the natural curl is out and proud—and giving us all serious hair envy.

She posted the picture of her long bob haircut to Instagram yesterday, on October 22nd. She tagged boyfriend Shawn Mendes as the photographer in her reveal pic, so yes, they are still together, rumor mill be darned.

LOST MY SHORT HAIR VIRGINITY!!!! Cabello captioned her post. I’ve had long hair all my life it’s TIME TO FEEL THE AIR ON THESE SHOULDERS BABY.

Cabello has truly been a long-hair girl forever, with her length never being shorter than we’d imagine a mermaid’s being. Because of his, her natural curls haven’t had the chance to be as springy and defined as they are now, and the curly bob and bangs combo will be the death of us.

Just look at how cute this haircut is:

Though she posted her ~official~ reveal pic to Instagram on the 22nd, it looks like Cabello may have actually gotten the chop earlier this week. She posted a photo to her Instagram Story that’s dated October 20th, so she’s had a few days to get used to her new hair and make it work wonders with her overall look.

camila cabello short hair

She also posted a photo of herself and Mendes in their home with the caption, “heheheheheh.” Alexander Gold commented, “King and queen of matching haircuts,” and he has a really good point there.

A couple who rocks curly bobs together stays together, as the saying goes. Right?

Curly bangs and bobs will never not be the ideal haircut, and if you have texture as glorious as Cabello’s we recommend you try the chop. It’s cool, curly, and so freaking cute.

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