There were *plenty* of signs that Camila Cabello was on her way out of Fifth Harmony

The news has officially broke that superstar girlband Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello has left the group. As we adjust to Fourth Harmony (kidding…maybe?), we also are speculating on the sad events that could have led to Miss Cabello’s departure. Over a year of headlines citing anxiety on the road for Cabello, fall-outs with other band members and struggles with fame itself; it seems that fans who were keeping tabs on the group may have been able to see this big change approaching for some time now. Though the five ladies will undoubtedly respect one another during this period of transition, it’s interesting to see just what went sour as one member leaves. There are a few possibilities as to why Camila walked, some more sensitive than others.

Why, Camila Cabello? Why did you break up with Fifth Harmony?

Reason number one could be that Cabello has simply hit her limit, physically and mentally. The singer skipped a few performances, signings and events this year due to illness, tweeting her regret to her less than happy fans:

Back in September, Cabello left the stage mid-show and did not return, leaving one of her fellow members to explain that Cabello had experienced a “wardrobe malfunction” and couldn’t come back out. Later that evening on Snapchat, Cabello confessed that she could not continue due to “too much anxiety”.

Also on the table is a falling out with group members. They wouldn’t be the first to suffer from less-than perfect group chemistry (is there any time a group of five spends 24/7 working and living together on tour and lives to love each other through it all? We don’t even love our dogs all the time, let alone other people), so what are the signs that there’s shadiness within the gang?

The group went to Instagram to release a statement citing that they learned of Cabello’s departure via her reps, when Cabello clearly denies that she didn’t handle her leaving in-person with the rest of the girls. In a long, personal letter to the public, Camila explains that she, personally, made her intentions to work solo in 2017 very clear:

“Saying that [the other members of Fifth Harmony] were just informed through my representatives that I was ‘leaving the group’ is just not true. Just like the other girls said in their statement about their plans, I had also planned to continue with my own solo endeavors in the new year but I did not intend to end things with Fifth Harmony this way.”

Following the success of her single “I Know What You Did Last Summer” with Shawn Mendes, one could totally see a solo career in her future, which might have ticked some other members of the group off (they famously partied this past Fourth of July with no Camila in attendance). Cabello has also been known to be less than forthright about her feelings on the other women in the group.

The group attended all of their early December appearances as scheduled, without Cabello.

While there’s rarely even one big reason why something like this happens, it’s clear that a bunch of little things may have amounted to dear Camila leaving the group in a less than harmonious way. While we’d like to wish her luck in her future endeavors, something tells us she doesn’t exactly need it.

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