Camila Cabello clears the air on why she left Fifth Harmony and it sounds like there was some mixed info out there

On Sunday night, Fifth Harmony announced that Camila Cabello’s representative had notified the rest of the group that she was quitting. The news was a shock to Fifth Harmony fans, but it turns out it was a shock to Cabello, too.

On Monday afternoon, Cabello shared her side of the story on Twitter and Instagram.

“When I turned 15, I had the blessing of being put into a group with four very talented girls. We were five strangers that weren’t even aware of each other’s existence that were given a shot at one dream together,” the post read.

Apparently, Cabello had been discussing with the other members (Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane, and Lauren Jauregui) her future with the group.

“I was shocked to read the statement the Fifth Harmony account posted without my knowing.

The girls were aware of my feelings through the long, much needed conversations about the future that we had during tour,” Cabello wrote.

“Saying that they were just informed through my representatives that I was ‘leaving the group’ is simply not true.

It almost sounds as if she had not yet made a formal decision to leave. She was clearly considering what her focus would be for 2017, and how Fifth Harmony would factor in, if at all.

But, it also sounds like, regardless of how things went down, Cabello plans to gift her fans with some new solo music in the new year. And that’s A-okay by us.

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