Camila Cabello explained why she thinks friendship breakups are worse than romantic ones

Camila Cabello is set to release her first solo album shortly, and while romantic love and romantic heartbreak is excellent fodder for any artist, Cabello seems to take more inspiration from broken friendship.

“In a romantic relationship you think, this is amazing, this is beautiful, I love this person, but there’s a part of you that’s always prepared for it to end,” Cabello told Flaunt.

“I feel with a friendship you think it’s going to last forever. You start to consider that person like your family and so you don’t see an end to that. So when it’s like a shocking or abrupt ending that’s worse.

Twenty-year-old Cabello also revealed in the interview that romantic relationships are something she’s looking forward to gaining more experience in, and we find her honesty really endearing.

Cabello says her song “I Have Questions,” which was released this past May, is about a friendship that died. It features intense lyrics, like these:

“I gave you all of me/My blood, my sweat, my heart, and my tears/Why don’t you care, why don’t you care? I was there, I was there, when no one was/Now you’re gone and I’m here.”

One could easily mistake this for a romantic breakup song. However, we wonder if this song is actually about Cabello leaving Fifth Harmony and the four friendships that were severed when she did.

What do you guys think? There is something to be said about the assumption that a friendship isn’t meant to end, and how we’re always shocked when a platonic relationship runs its course.

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