Dylan Sprouse and Camila Cabello are working on a “secret project,” and Dylan just left a cryptic Insta clue

If there’s one thing we love, it’s former Fifth Harmony member and current solo badass Camila Cabello. If there’s two things we love, it’s Camila Cabello and former Suite Life star Dylan Sprouse (aka Cole’s newly short-haired twin brother). Now, it officially looks like these two intense—but usually separate—fan obsessions are colliding.

Because Dylan posted a selfie with Camila to Instagram on August 23rd, writing that they were in Toronto together for a “secret project.”

What now?


The post itself provides almost no clues about the nature of the project, except that it entails a “shoot.” Could Dylan be starring in a Camila Cabello music video? (And does that mean Camila is releasing new music sometime soon?)  To add to the mystery, it appears as though Dylan deleted all the photos on his Insta feed and replaced them with eight separate illustrations…that come together to form what looks like the pair on a TV screen. Here’s a screenshot:


This all honestly leaves us with more questions than answers, and we’re undeniably intrigued.

In case you somehow missed it, it’s been an amazing year for Camila. She released her first solo album, titled Camila, in January, and she recently took home the 2018 VMA awards for both Artist Of The Year and Video Of The Year (for the epic telenovela-inspired “Havana”). Basically, it’s not so crazy that she’d have something new and potentially epic brewing.


What will it be? Only time will tell.

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