Cameron Diaz opened up about her marriage and we are all heart eyes

Cameron Diaz has spoken: when you find “the one,” you just know, because that’s what she found with husband Benji Madden. The actress spoke to Andy Cohen on his Sirius XM Radio show, which airs on Fridays, and dished on falling in love as well as what a perfect marriage is really like.

We’ve all been told that we’ll “just know” if we ever meet our special someone, but it’s hard to know what that even means. “I was always like, ‘What does that mean … what does that mean?’” Cameron explained, according to People. “Then I was like ‘Oh, I get it, you just know when you know, like you’re my husband.’”

We’re getting all gooey just thinking about it, but Cameron wasn’t done giving us the adorable details about her marriage to Benji Madden.

“The first thing I saw when I first met my husband, I was like he’s hot! We had just never been in the same circle, then I saw him like a year later, I saw him again, and I was like wait a second, still hot,” she joked, thinking back to the first few times they met.

They were officially introduced when the actress had Nicole Richie and her husband, Joel Madden, over for a barbecue. Cameron said, “Joel said ‘Hey, can my brother come over?’ And I said, ‘Of course, it’s family, we’re having a barbecue’ and then he walked in the door and I was like … you! You!”

From that point on, something completely unique and special was born. “You realize like, ‘Oh right, this is what the real thing is, this is what real love is and this is what commitment and devotion is,’ ” she continued. “This is the person that you build your life with, and for me, it’s like the rest of everything else just kind of like dissolves.”

Excuse us while we have all the feels over here, because this is all too cute. We’re so happy that Cameron Diaz is happy, and we’re sure Benji feels the same way having such an incredible woman by his side.

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