Cameron Diaz’s makeup-free selfie comes with an important message

Cameron Diaz is all about a positive body image and she just proved it by sharing a gorgeous makeup-free selfie on her Instagram. She posted a photo of her upcoming book, The Longevity Book, alongside her stunning makeup-free face. We love the message Cameron is sending by promoting her natural beauty and we love the blog post that accompanies the photo over on her website.

“I want to talk about one of the biggest taboos in our society,” the post begins. “AGING.” The Longevity Book, which publishes in April, is a follow up to the actress’s 2013 book, The Body Book, and focuses on living a long, happy life. “I wanted to write this book so that we could understand what aging really is,” she continues. “And what I found was aging isn’t about getting old it’s about LIVING.”

The Longevity Book promotes something really important: “I want to let you all off the hook of thinking you need to fit in to one picture of health in order to achieve wellness.”

There are so many ways to live a healthy lifestyle, and each person’s “healthy” is different. Instead of focusing on looks or material objects, Cameron’s book promotes internal happiness, which stems from a variety of personal choices. Her happiness definitely shines through in this Instagram photo. We love that it’s because she’s taking care of herself just the way she is and inspiring us to do the same!

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