Cameron Diaz Opened Up About the Plus Side of No Longer Making Movies

She's spending all her energy elsewhere, and she's content with that.

In August 2020, Cameron Diaz told friend Gwyneth Paltrow that stepping away from acting to focus on friends and family gave her “a peace in [her] soul” after neglecting her personal life for so long. And as Diaz told Yahoo Finance on March 30th, she can’t imagine going back to the life of a Hollywood actress having found that sense of peace and connection with her loved ones.

Diaz explained that she first saw how life in Hollywood could affect one’s personal life when she watched a producer friend of hers start a family and shift her priorities.

“Her family started to evolve and I saw her go like, ‘Oh, wait, I only have 100%,'” Diaz told Yahoo Finance. “You only have 100%, we don’t have two 100%, we have 100%. Right? So you’ve got to break up that 100%…how much are you going to give to your family? How much are you going to give to your career?”

Diaz’s 100% had always gone into acting, she explained, but her goals have shifted drastically from when she was a young Hollywood starlet. “It’s just a different time in my life now,” she continued. “Now I’m here and this is the most fulfilling thing that I’ve ever done in my life. [To] have a family and be married and have our little nucleus of a family. It’s just completely the best thing.”

I can’t give…I don’t have what it takes to give making a movie what it needs to be made, Diaz said. All of my energy is here.

Diaz has found a new career calling in the form of her Avaline clean wine company, which she co-founded with friend Katharine Power. Not only is she literally pouring her love into something that drives her, but she’s able to work from home and spend more time with husband Benji Madden and daughter Raddix.

As we’ve always said, we’ll miss seeing Diaz appear in new flicks (her last role was in 2014’s Annie), but we’ll gladly shop her Avaline wine brand and feel good about supporting her in this new phase of life.

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