This camera illusion makes a speeding SUV’s wheels look perfectly still

They cause mass confusion and make us question everything we thought we knew, but we still can’t get enough of optical illusions. The latest visual trickery to enthrall us is the wagon wheel effect, a cool camera illusion that can make a speeding SUV’s wheels look perfectly still. But unlike the unnerving brick wall optical illusion, we don’t have to consult with the internet to reassure ourselves that we haven’t totally lost it because this wheel trick is a commonly used technique.

Instead of enduring sleepless nights over the fact that we’re completely incapable of seeing a flock of 500 sheep in a snowy field, we can spend more time marveling at these non-moving wheels.

YES! We are all for illusions that don’t give us a headache. Seriously, that was so pleasing to watch! Plus the fact that we can actually explain what’s going on here makes it even more pleasurable.

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Now, before you let the footage of the non-spinning, spinning wheels hypnotize you, here’s a brief breakdown of how the wheel wagon effect works. As digg explains, what makes the wheel look like it’s spinning in a backwards motion is all about making sure the camera’s shutter speed lines up with the rotation of the wheel. It’s a little more involved than videography 101, but you get the gist.

The wheels aren’t actually moving, the camera’s doing all the work and you can go on with life without sacrificing too much of your time or your sanity to figuring out this illusion.

Now that this makeup artist’s puzzling optical illusion on the other hand…

Yeah…no, our brains cannot compute. Back to the simple wheel illusions, we go!