Did Calvin Harris just throw some subtle shade at Kanye West?

The Swift-West feud trots on into another week, with skirmishes leaving casualties on both sides. The newest knight to ride into the fray is Calvin Harris, the DJ and producer who just happens to also be Taylor’s main squeeze.

Like Galahad himself (sorry guys, we’re really enjoying this whole knight metaphor) Calvin didn’t seem to jump in for personal glory, but simply to put an open-to-interpretation statement about positive influence into the world. Speaking on Snapchat, 32-year-old Calvin could’ve gone on an epic rant defending his girlfriend, but instead, took a few well-chosen words to vent his frustration in a positive way.  According to E!, Harris advised an unnamed person (cough, Kanye, cough cough) to “spread love, happiness and positive energy. Try that. Fucking try that.”

While his comments weren’t specifically directed at West, it wouldn’t be exactly a shock to find out that’s who he was sub-snapping. Especially as he followed his first statement up with, “Try it. Makes you feel good. It’s way better than sitting on the internet and saying everything’s shit.”

To be fair, that second statement is awfully vague, given that the Internet world can be a seething pool of negativity, rage ranting, and venom tempered only by a continuous flow of puppy videos. Still, given Kanye’s recent Twitter rants, asking for positivity may seem like a targeted response.

On the other hand, Kanye often does try to put positive statements into the world via the Internet, adding to the confusion over what his message truly is. Some of his recent posts on Twitter have been downright glowing with upbeat energy:

While Harris’ irritation, if it is directed at Kanye, is understandable- West’s misogyny regarding Taylor Swift is undeniable.  In the end, it seems even Kanye knows how abrasive he can sound…

…though he still seems a little confused re: the whole “bare vs. bear” thing.

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