Calvin Harris’ new song might be about Taylor Swift, just not how you think

We aren’t relationship experts or anything (or ex-relationship experts), but something is telling us that Calvin Harris’ new music video seems unchill towards Taylor Swift. Harris’ new music video “My Way” features a virtual reality girlfriend situation that is putting off a verrrrry familiar vibe.

Not trying to spread rumors about anyone or be unchill in any way, but like, it’s pretty hard to ignore the similarities between Harris’ android lady friend and Swift.

For starters, in the music video, the android girlfriend wears several black and white fetish outfits like the ones in Swift’s “Bad Blood” video. Obviously black and white fetish outfits are pretty specific to just like accidentally replicate. There’s also a strange barn setup where girls are doing dance routines that appear to be uncomfortably similar to the moves in “Shake it Off.”

Maybe we’re reading into the video too much, but the stroll in woods scene is super similar to “Out of the Woods,” and the scene at the kitchen table is just like the one in “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

And the lyrics, “You were the one thing in my way”… well we have a feeling we know who he’s referring to.

See for yourself:

Major Swifty fans can probably find way more similarities than we did.

Perhaps Harris is simply pulling a Swift and writing about his ex, just like we all scribble in our journals after a little heartache. The couple broke things off back in June, but someone might still holding onto some feelings. It’s probably safe to assume one of two things: The coincidences in “My Way” are exactly that — coincidences, or Harris is still working through some stuff. But, hey, everyone grieves relationships in their own way and in their own time. It looks like the time is now for Harris. At least it’s semi-civil.

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