Callie Torres is My Spirit Animal

Since Callie danced her way onto the scene of Grey’s Anatomy, she and I have shared a special bond. If only I could sing like her!

She’s fierce.

She’s a rockstar with a scalpel. Ever since Callie popped onscreen, she’s been nothing but fierce – both at work and with the doctors at the hospital. She doesn’t approach anything half-way, and she’s not afraid of going out on a limb or trying something new. She has more fierceness in her pinky finger than I have in my whole body, but I try to embody some of that fierceness in my everyday life.


She follows her heart.

Instead of taking the easy way out, Callie follows her heart. She followed her heart against the wishes of her family. She chose to live in the basement instead of take advantage of her trust fund. She didn’t fall in love again until she found someone worthy of her heart. She stood by Arizona after the plane crash. We should take notes!


She’s loyal.

Callie is incredibly loyal to everyone around her, but especially those she loves. Once she’s in, she’s in for life. Even when it’s painful. Even when she’s been through the wringer. She’s been heartbroken, but she still chooses love. Let’s hope things continue on the upswing for Dr. Torres, because she deserves it. Loyalty is hard, but it’s worth it and when you pick the right people, it pays in spades.

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She’s a badass.

Along with her fierceness, Callie is a badass. She breaks bones for a living. She deals with screws and pins and hardware. She rebuilds people bone by bone. She can be incredibly intimidating in her badass glory. She doesn’t take crap from anyone and can dole it out when necessary. I definitely share this trait with my girl.


She’s a softie.

At the same time, Callie is a big old softie. She comes off as hard and intimidating, but she’s got a soft underbelly underneath all the bark. Callie loves with her whole heart, her whole being. Only few people get to see her soft side, which is a sign of those she loves and respects. People, once we show you our soft side, cherish it.


She’s silly.

Callie is one of the funniest characters on Grey’s. Her timing is perfect, and she always seems to take advantage of the humor around her in the hospital. She’s had some of the most lighthearted moments (amidst all the pain… it’s Shondaland) I can remember. Embracing the humor and the silliness around us is such an important trait!

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