This dude had to call 911 because — (wait for it) — his cat wouldn’t let him into his house

Whether you love or hate cats, one thing’s for sure: They can be total jerks sometimes. Like when you pet your cat, and he seems totally into it, so you keep on petting him until he suddenly bites your hand. Or when you have a glass of water on the table, and your cat decides that he must push it off and make it shatter all over the floor. Le sigh. Just cats being cats.

Well, one man’s cat has taken feline-ness to the ultimate extreme. Mohammed Lokman and his wife could not get into his Connecticut home for hours and were forced to call 911… because their cat was guarding the entrance to the house. I repeat: Mohammed was forced to call 911.

“The problem is,” he told the operator, according to CBS New York, “my cat was getting too aggressive. I was inside and she attacked me, and she scratched me in my leg and bit me. So me and my wife, we come outside and now we cannot go in the home like for three, four hours.” (Don’t believe us? Listen to the whole 911 call here and hear for yourself!)

“OK, you said a cat?” the 911 operator says, bewildered. We have to admit, we’d be pretty confused ourselves. When Mohammed confirmed that, yes, he’s calling 911 because his cat won’t let him in his house, the 911 operator says, “OK… so… you want the police to come and remove the cat? Is something wrong with the cat?” We know Mohammed was probably pretty freaked out, but we’ve gotta admit that the operator’s confusion is totally hysterical.

Mohammed went on to explain that his cat had a kitten the night before, and she was acting totally fine. . . until he came in from outside and changed his clothes the next morning. Then, the cat attacked.

“We cannot move. We cannot do anything. It’s so aggressive and so mean,” Mohammed told the operator.

But don’t worry: All is OK now. The police were sent over, and the couple was eventually able to get back into their home. According to CBS, the 911 caller said that everyone, including the cat and her kitten, are just fine. And, in case you’re wondering, this is the first time since Mohammed got the cat (he’s had her for a year and a half), that he’s ever had a problem with it.

However, the cat was probably just being a good momma, according to Katina Wargo from Animal Control. “There’s usually a reason for it,” she told CBS. “Like, if we knew that there was a kitten involved in this whole situation, I think people would look at it a lot differently… [The cat was a] mom protecting its baby,” Wargo said. “She probably didn’t realize it was him, or she was on the protective mode.”

We’re so happy everyone is OK, but we can’t help but giggle at the ridiculousness of it all. I mean, we’ve all heard of cats being stubborn, but this is pretty wild… hey, at least the Lokman family has a pretty great story to tell at parties!

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