These pictures of California’s late first dog are making us feel all the feels

We’ve got some sad news. Yesterday, California Governor Jerry Brown’s longtime pet corgi, aka California’s First Dog Sutter Brown, passed away at the grand age of 13.

“Sutter passed away peacefully this afternoon with the Governor and First Lady at his side… and was laid to rest at the family ranch in Colusa County, where he loved to roam, sniff and play,” Brown spokesman Evan Westrup said in a statement Friday afternoon.

After Sutter was diagnosed with cancer back in October, he underwent surgery, but not all of the cancerous masses could be removed. But at the age of 13 (91 in dog years!), this special pooch lived a pretty full life.

After all, he’s a dog who had his own playing cards, got his own website, and even welcomed a Deputy First Dog, his sister Colusa Brown.

Plus, Sutter had an incredible Facebook page, plus a Twitter account, filled with some of the cutest pictures of him we’ve ever seen.

These pictures are making us miss Sutter already — but they’re also seriously warming our hearts. Sutter was truly a good dog.

After winning the 2010 governor’s race, Gov. Brown adopted Sutter from his sister back in 2010.

“The dog charmed members of the media, becoming a recurring character in Sacramento Bee editorial cartoons, and cracked a rare window into the personal life of the governor and his wife Anne Gust Brown,” wrote The Sacramento Bee.

Sutter had a strong following on Twitter, and both his family and friends are mourning his loss.

His fans loved watching Sutter lounge and play at home — and pound the pavement for better policies.

Throughout his treatment, his fans showed their support online and their heartbreak upon his passing.

Sutter is survived by puppy Colusa “Lucy” Brown.

“The governor’s office said she would assume Sutter’s duties as first dog,” reports the Sacramento Bee.

We’re so sad that Sutter has passed, but very excited to see Colusa carry on his legacy.